Cocktail Garden Construction

I’m actually writing this post is PRETTY LATE in the game (01/04/2021), but we have finally been able to come up for air after a crazy 2020 of COVID, construction, and production!  Looking back at some of these pictures of construction, I thought you might like to take a look with me!  Images were taken on 06/27/2020.


Shout out to Robert Bertera who took the aerial pictures for us!!  You can find his work and contact info here:


So here’s how it all went down – 

We were always planning to build a giant outdoor green space – lovingly we decided to call this our “Cocktail Garden”.  We wanted it to be somewhere for live music, family/friend time, food trucks, events – all with tons of plants and grass; basically the goal was to build a space similar to a public park, but with alcohol!


We had money saved up and were starting to bid the work for the outside in Jan/Feb then we shut down for COVID.  We decided to risk it all to help the community when sanitizer was running out.  We sold sanitizer to our local community, individuals throughout Wisconsin, and even shipped it to at least 10 states from what I recall.  For more information on that whole sanitizer ordeal, check out this other blog post here During that time we started manufacturing it in bulk for a customer out of Illinois that made it into a hand wipe product.  Throughout that process we were able to save up money and buy much-needed equipment to upgrade our facility and operations!  We also hired probably 15 folks to help us with the sanitizer at various times and supported local businesses to help us with the construction throughout.


We kicked off the cocktail garden construction in early June and worked hard to get it ready for an opening on Aug. 31st.  Throughout all of that time we were still making hand sanitizer, so you will see the big 275 gallon white cubes in our parking lot in some of the pictures.


Check it out!

The north fence went up first, then we installed posts, and next got the sod in to give it time to settle!
This mural at the back of our stage by local street artist #streetartmikey. It incorporates a lot of elements from our unique products and custom cocktails!
At the top of the image (to the south) you can see the dirt area we filled in where we used to have grass. We did this to help semis turn around for sanitizer pick ups, but also with the intent on paving it to expand our parking lot.
Here you can really see all of the totes in the parking lot and the scale of the whole area. To the bottom of the image you can also see where we tilled up a garden plot.
I started buying plants to fill in the +2000 sq. ft. of garden beds/boxes and had them all laid out on the concrete. You can see here we had also started planting some of the beds. This image also shows our contractor working on trenching for the electrical.
Here we are working on building our tree boxes that we were going to place throughout the cocktail garden. These would have trees and plants in them as well as be a place for guests to set their drinks!

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