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We have over 11,000 square feet of outdoor space that we would love to turn into a cocktail garden! We want a space for friends and family to be able to gather, grab a delicious cocktail, listen to some music, and just have fun.

In order to make that happen, we need to get a few things. They include tables, chairs, a service bar, bathrooms, stage, landscaping, and kids’ playground equipment just to name a few.

We have set up our Kickstarter in tiers to tell you what we plan to deliver depending on the total level of funding that we receive.

Tier 1 ($25,000): Base landscaping for the cocktail garden, picnic tables, lawn games, a small stage, and an A/C for the indoor tasting room.

Tier 2 ($45,000): All the things included in tier 1 plus permanent air-conditioned outdoor bathrooms.

Tier 3 ($60,000): All the things included in tier 1& 2 plus an outside service bar, kids play area, and a larger stage.

We love our community, and we want to see it grow and prosper with us. Help us make not only Doundrins Distilling better, but Cottage Grove and the greater Madison area as well!

Cocktail Garden Plans if we hit Tier 3