Hand Sanitizer Information

A couple months ago we set out to make hand sanitizer and have successfully retooled our operation to do so.  We are making over 20,000 gallons per week at this time and selling in both bulk as well as individual small bottles.  We are now, on top of all of our other registrations, an FDA registered drug manufacturing facility.
If you are interested in our full story, check out our blog tab here:
**Recipe is the W.H.O. formulation.  Alcohol content is 80%, and the formulation is a liquid.**
We currently have plenty of bottles of hand sanitizer for sale in our tasting room but cannot set aside small orders ahead due to demand. There is no limit on quantity you can buy when you come.  When you come you can also buy alcohol or merchandise if you would like. Please wear a cloth face covering or mask, be prepared to maintain social distancing, and bring your own bag/box if you can. 
Our updated hours every week are: 
Wed, Thurs, and Fri: 5:30PM – 8PM
Our hand sanitizer pricing:
4 oz – $3 each
8 oz – $6 each
16 oz – $8 each

1 gallon – $25 each

If you are needing to buy in large quantities/bulk, please email to get more information. (Note: “bulk” is at least 50 bottles.  Any less than that we do not do pre-orders for and you can just walk up to buy.)  
We are able to partner with customers who may need to buy in large quantities (pallets up to multiple tanker truck quantities are possible).
Doundrins Distilling Team