Doundrins Distilling was started in 2018 by three friends: Nick, Abby, and Ryan. Their story starts some years ago while Nick attended the University of Wisconsin. While studying chemical engineering, he also took up an interest in craft beer and worked at a local brew pub. That is where he met Ryan, who also worked at that same brew pub. A friendship was built after many shifts, many drinks, and the sharing of many of their dreams.

Soon after, Nick decided to study abroad. That is where he met, what would one day be his wife, Abby, who was also going to school for chemical engineering. Upon Nick’s return, he introduced Abby and Ryan. Nick graduated, Abby graduated, and they moved to Texas where they both worked as chemical engineers.

Time passed, they got engaged, and soon felt it was better to be closer to family. So they both took jobs in Illinois working in an ethanol plant. During their time there they learned a lot about the beverage distillation process. While in Illinois they got married and had their first child. Then it was time to get even closer to family. Madison seemed like the most logical step as it was right in between both Nick and Abby’s parents. While they worked their way back up north, Ryan had transitioned through several career moves. He moved out of marketing and business management only to return a couple of years later. During this time he also got married, and he and his wife had a child.

Still having dreams to build their own businesses,Nick, Abby, and Ryan started talking again about those dreams. That is where the flame was sparked to start Doundrins Distilling. The three partners have shared a lot of the same motivations in starting Doundrins from the beginning of their partnership. First and foremost, they all wanted to produce the highest quality craft product. Second, there was a common desire to enhance the community that surrounded them. Finally, they all wanted to build a foundation and legacy for their growing families.