Dear community members,

We at Doundrins Distilling in Cottage Grove want to help individuals and businesses in this time of need as much as possible. We are aware that there is already and is likely going to continue to be a shortage of hand and surface sanitizer available for purchase. With this in mind, we have just purchased supplies to manufacture hand sanitizer based on the World Health Organization’s recommendations. We have been in communication with federal and state permitting agencies to be able to do this legally and produce an effective product. This product will be manufactured in our regulated food production space that is also under strict alcohol regulations. I hope these qualifications will ensure your comfort in using this product if you need. We are planning to make it in small quantities (8 oz. bottles) for individual use and can also make it in larger quantities (16 oz. or larger) for business/commercial use. As we are trying to develop this very last minute to meet the community needs, we are still putting together some of the pieces of the puzzle and thus are unable to tell you a price right now. We want to assure you that we have no intention of price gouging and will price the product as low as we possibly can to cover our costs. If you are interested in purchasing sanitizer from Doundrins Distilling either individually or bulk for business/commercial use, please reach out to me at so we can start communicating with you about your needs and cater our production plans based on demand. Please feel free to forward this message onto others outside of Cottage Grove community as well that you know may need help.

Thank you all and we hope everyone stays safe in these unprecedented times.